Final Crunch: Getting ready for Level Up

For our final touches, I have been working on the storybook pages that will be found by the player. These pages can be scanned using the tablet that will allow the player to choose the narrative path and continue the story. Depending on what the player chooses, different images will appear in the tablet overlaying the page. After this, all we have to do is test and film.



Level Up is fast approaching and our team has been working to get a display ready. Because we can not physically bring our game to Level Up, we need to document and present it as best as we can with a trailer and gameplay footage. I managed to borrow a nice camera and tripod and will begin filming this week. I have already begun storyboarding and editing the trailer, animating the intro.

Display wise for the showcase, because both Fish and I frequent selling at comic markets at conventions, we decided to take inspiration from some people’s display set ups.


Exhibitors Display by Omocat


Exhibitor Display by Artofcute

For our display, we want to make it a storybook theme to match our fairytale type aesthetic. To promote our game, we will be making buttons, stickers, and postcards to hand out featuring the characters of our game.

For the game showcase, we plan to bring the tablet, the storybook, and some interactible props. Visitors of the booth will be able to watch the trailer and scan the storybook, as how it can be done during the game. The props will be set up to hopefully resemble a small portion of the room to help with the atmosphere.



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